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Seattle Police Department Will Distribute Doritos to Stoners
 The Seattle Police Department might be the most pot-friendly police force in the country. At this weekend's Hempfest, the largest pot celebration in the world, Rain City cops will be handing out bags of Doritos to any stoner suffering from the munchies, confused about Washington's new... Read More
Make My Day
 Now that's a look. What's the best dog in your opinion? Read More
Speed Limit for New Drivers
 Being a Police Officer, Is this something you would do to your children? Read More
New Police Horse
 The newest member of the police force. I dont think I would mess with that officer. Read More
Funny Ticket Excuses
What is the funniest, best, or worst excuse you have ever gotten on a stop? Add your comments below and the winner will recieve a gift card for a cup of Joe. Read More
How Expensive Will That Ticket Be.
Thanks Thin Blue Line. Stay Safe Read More
FBI searching for "Twitter Pimp"
APRIL 4--FBI agents are searching for an alleged sex trafficker who pimps out underage girls and is continuing to post Twitter messages bragging about hookers he has put on the street, The Smoking Gun has learned. Federal investigators last month secured a sealed arrest warrant for Marquist Bradf... Read More
The future of Police Cars
The future of Police Cars. Watch out bad guys! Read More
Crazy Shoes
How many women have a pair of these Heels? Share with your friends. Read More
You find him yourself!
Poor dog. Just look at those briefs. Read More

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