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Bad Hair Day
 Arrested for Forgery Read More
425-Pound Man Tackled By Soccer Coach After Attempted...
 By Radar Staff This is one criminal who can't run or hide. A 425-pound gang member -- with a rap sheet as long as he is wide -- was arrested on suspicion of trying to kidnap a boy on his way to soccer practice. Victor Joseph Espinoza was arrested after he tried to grab the 10-year-old... Read More
Laurence Maroney Mug Shot
 Maroney was arrested in January 2011 for a concealed weapons possession. While the charges were dropped, the question remains: Is Pippy Longstocking a hero to Maroney? Article from Read More
Famous Gangster
 George 'Machine Gun' Kelly, the notorious racketeer who gave FBI agents the nickname G-men, was photographed by Tennessee cops in September 1933 after his arrest for kidnapping a wealthy Oklahoma oil man. Found guilty of that crime, Kelly was sentenced to life in prison, where he died of a... Read More
Who stole my Lucky Charms?
 What happened to make this guys face turn green? Read More
Cops: South Carolina Man, 26, Attacked Grandmother, 67, Over...
 A South Carolina woman returned home from the grocery store Saturday afternoon and told her grandson that she had purchased some chicken salad. However, Jesse Beam, 26, misheard his 67-year-old kin. “Don’t call me chicken, again!” said Beam, according to a Spartanburg C... Read More
Memphis Man Was Paid Three Slices For Serving As Lookout In...
 A Tennessee man who this week confessed his role in the robbery of a Domino’s delivery man told cops that he served as a lookout man in return for three slices of pizza, according to court records. During questioning Monday by Memphis Police Department officers, Tony Hamer, 19, admitt... Read More
YouTube "Star" Busted In Child Porn Investigation
 JULY 26--A musician who built a large following of ardent young female fans on YouTube has been arrested by the FBI for allegedly enticing a pair of minors to send him explicit photos and videos showing themselves masturbating, according to federal court records unsealed yesterday. Michael ... Read More
Colorado shooter dazed in first court appearance
 AURORA, CO (RNN) - The public got its first glimpse of the man who is accused of killing 12 people in a shocking mass shooting on the night of the premiere of the movie, The Dark Knight Rises. MORE Obama offers condolences, community grieves in vigil for DKR shooting victims AURORA, CO ... Read More
Half Beard
 Can someone explain this please? Read More
FBI - Female Body Inspector
 Whats wrong with this Mug Shot? Read More
 Do you think this guys used to many drugs? Read More
Drive-By Water Gunning
 JUNE 22--Four Pennsylvanians who fired water guns loaded with chlorinated water on a teen and her younger brother from a moving car now face misdemeanor disorderly conduct and harassment charges. According to a probable cause affidavit filed in a Lawrence County district court, the teen vic... Read More
The woman who used TurboTax to falsely claim a $2.1MILLION...
A woman who was given a $2.1million tax refund after filing a false claim went on a massive spending spree until she was caught. Krystle Marie Reyes was only caught after she reported the Visa card containing the seven figure sum had been lost. By that time she had already spent more than $150... Read More
Bacon Lover In Piggly Wiggly Rampage
MAY 25--Meet Lonneshia Shafaye Appling. The Georgia woman, 26, was so determined to shoplift beer, bacon, cheese, and chicken wings from a Piggly Wiggly that she punched, spit at, and pepper-sprayed store workers who confronted her as she tried to flee the supermarket Wednesday afternoon, accordi... Read More
Ohio Man Crashes Truck Into Taco Bell After His Drive-Thru...
Today’s instance of drive-thru rage comes from Huber Heights, Ohio, where a 23-year-old man allegedly crashed his truck into a Taco Bell after he “did not get one of the tacos he ordered,” according to police. Michael Smith was arrested early this morning for felony vandalism in... Read More
John Mayer
Musician John Mayer was arrested by Georgia cops in May 2001 for speeding and driving without a license. The incident went unreported until August 2009, when the guitarist offered a charity bounty for the unearthing of this Atlanta Department of Corrections mug shot. Read More
Dog The Bounty Hunter
Bounty hunter Duane 'Dog' Chapman posed for the above mug shot after his June 2003 arrest in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Chapman, 50 at the time, was charged with felony restraint after he traveled south of the border to track down Max Factor cosmetics heir Andrew Luster, who had jumped bail and fled... Read More
What You Looking at Willis
Actor Gary Coleman was arrested in January 2010 on a warrant stemming from a prior domestic assault charge. The 41-year-old "Diff'rent Strokes" star, collared by police in Santaquin, Utah, was booked into the Utah County jail in lieu of $1725 bail. Read More
Snooki (real name: Nicole Polizzi) was arrested in July 2010 for disorderly conduct. The 22-year-old star of the MTV show “Jersey Shore” was booked into a Seaside Heights jail, where she posed for these mug shots. Read More
Keithan Manuel Accused Of Attempting To Rob Dallas Police
Keithan Manuel is learning the hard way that a sense of humor is very subjective, but that's what happens when you attempt to rob a police station. Manuel walked into a police station in suburban Dallas on Saturday evening with a white towel covering his hands and told the dispatcher to hand over... Read More
Somethings Squirrelly
Meet Mark Allan Sperry. The Ohio man, 45, has been incarcerated in the Butler County lockup since last Tuesday, when he was collared for failing to appear for a court hearing in a child support case. According to the jail’s web site, Sperry is a 5’ 8” white male who weighs 16... Read More
Famous Singer
Johnny Cash was arrested in October 1965 when U.S. Customs agents found hundreds of pep pills and tranquilizers in his luggage. The Man in Black--who was returning by plane from a trip to Juarez, Mexico--spent a night in the El Paso jail, and later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count. Cash paid a ... Read More
Man Who Called 911 To Complain About Broken iPhone Pleads...
The Illinois man who repeatedly dialed 911 to complain about his malfunctioning iPhone has pleaded guilty to a criminal charge stemming from those ill-advised calls to police emergency operators. Michael Alan Skopec, 48, was arrested last November after he called cops five times to pose questions... Read More
Who's This Famous Assassin
Dallas police took this mug shot of Lee Harvey Oswald on November 23, 1963 after he was arrested for assassinating President John F. Kennedy. Read More
Who's This Famous Singer?
Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler posed for the above mug shot in March 1967 after Yonkers, New York police busted the future rock star, then 18, for pot possession. Read More
The Original Swindler
Nearly 90 years before financier Bernard Madoff confessed to a $50 billion fraud, Charles Ponzi swindled millions of dollars from duped investors. The Italian immigrant, whose name is synonymous with the pyramid scheme, pleaded guilty to mail fraud in 1920 and served three-and-a-half years in... Read More
The Biggest Swindler Ever
Swindler Bernard Madoff was convicted in March 2009 of orchestrating the largest Ponzi scheme in history, a decades-long scam that bilked investors of more than $50 billion. In pleading guilty to 11 felony counts, Madoff claimed to be "deeply sorry and ashamed." Madoff is pictured in a... Read More
Gangster Trivia
Salvatore Lucania, better known as Lucky Luciano, was the architect of the American Mafia. He is pictured here in a 1936 New York Police Department mug shot. Read More
Guess what Famous singer this is?
Frank Sinatra was arrested by the Bergen County, New Jersey sheriff in 1938 and charged with carrying on with a married woman (yes, you could get popped for that back then). The charge was later changed to adultery, and eventually dismissed. Read More
Ex Football draft bust arrested for the 2nd time in 4 days.
Ryan Leaf was arrested early Monday morning in Montana on charges of burglary, theft and two counts of criminal possession of dangerous drugs — two days after posting bail for similar charges. Central Montana Drug Force Commander Chris Hickman says Leaf was arrested in Great Falls on charge... Read More
Manny being Manny!
Former baseball superstar Manny Ramirez was arrested by Florida cops in September 2011 and charged with domestic battery. According to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, the 12-time All-Star allegedly slapped his wife in the face, causing her to hit her head on a bed headboard. Ramirez... Read More
Look! Carrot tops brother.
When doing a mugshot. Is height determined with hair or without? This is pretty funny. Share with your friends. Read More
Famous People
Guess who this Famous mug shot is? Read More

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