California Cop's Wife Takes on State of California

 In 2011, Lynne Brown heard about Assembly Bill 109 and couldn't believe what she was hearing. She knew, coming off of a deadly year for law enforcement in 2010, that AB109 would result in more risk to officers lives. She told her husband, a Deputy Sheriff, that she couldn't let this one get by without doing something about it.

Lynne assembled a coalition of experts, calling them Advocates for Public Safety. She included law enforcement troops from across the state, and together, with legal advisors and legislative help, they developed legislation to undo some of the worst parts of the bill. Lynne talked to the "troops in the boots" as she calls them, because she knows that they are the experts in dealing with this criminal population. From corrections to beat cops, north to south, Lynne listened to the officer's stories of dealing with the newly released AB109ers. She continues to travel the state, explaining to audiences what's really in the pages of AB109 and how it negatively impacts public safety. She's sure to drive home the message that citizens should not blame their local agencies for increased crime and diminished punishment. She let's them know that they need to hold the law makers accountable on this one, not law enforcement.

Since the situation in Ferguson and the national attack on law enforcement, Lynne knew she had to step up again. She's forming the Electric Blue Foundation, or EBF. EBF brings spouses, family members, LE retirees and community supporters together to promote the positive image of LE through community education and outreach, support LE families by offering ongoing social and educational opportunities to address the unique needs of the LE family and, to become active participants in the process of public policy at the local, state and national levels.

Today, Lynne and the Electric Blue Foundation are sponsoring California Senate Bill 752, the Community and Law Enforcement Protection Act. This legislation seeks to enhance the penalties for resisting arrest crimes and for crimes related to seeking retaliation against officers and their family members because they are an LE family.

Obviously this is an uphill climb in California but Lynne knows that it's worth it. "Someone has got to step up and fight for these officers, their safety and the safety of their family members. As law enforcement spouses and family members, who better than the members of the Electric Blue Foundation."

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SB 752 Senate Bill – INTRODUCED

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