The 5 Biggest Life Insurance Mistakes Made By Law Enforcement Officers:

The 5 Biggest Life Insurance Mistakes Made By Law Enforcement Officers:

Recently, Law Enforcement Life was asked by a Deputy Sheriff in Texas, “What are the biggest mistakes made when purchasing life insurance?”  Great question!  We have compiled 5 of the greatest mistakes that LEO’s commonly make when looking for life insurance.


Is the fear of making a bad decision stopping you from buying insurance at all?  Is the decision on the “back-burner?”  Procrastination is one of the biggest culprits for leaving families unprotected.  Research provided by an insurance research organization, LIMRA, has revealed a 50-year low in the ownership in individually-owned life insurance in the U.S.   Worse than that, 30% of all households have no coverage at all, and Law Enforcement Officers are no exception. 
Most insurance policies require time for the insurance company to make an “underwriting” decision to accurately decide which health category you fit into, which means it can take 4-8 weeks to get your policy approved.  Start the process!  Get a quote, fill out an application, and begin the process.  You are never obligated to take the life insurance policy.  You even have the option to not make a payment until the policy is finally approved.  So don’t let procrastination prevail!  Start the process as soon as possible!


The wife of a Southern California Highway Patrol officer asks:  “Term, Whole Life, and Universal Life….what does it all mean?  It can be confusing at times.” 

Term Life Insurance guarantees for a specified time period, that the premiums will be fixed and guaranteed never to increase.  After that specified time period, the premiums will either increase or the coverage will terminate.  This is popular because it gives the greatest “bang for your buck,” however you are statistically likely to outlive the specified term.  Officers can benefit from term life insurance especially during their primary working years while they have income to replace, mortgages and other debt to pay off, and children still at home.

Universal and Whole Life have the ability to offer life insurance protection for the rest of your life, no matter how long you live.  There are many variations of these policies.  Some are designed to give you the lowest fixed cost to have insurance in place for your lifetime, others to act as a savings vehicle with flexible premiums.  

All 3 types of life insurance have their place for Law Enforcement Officers, and every family’s situation is different.  It is best to consult a licensed professional to have a customized plan to meet your goals.  Often, the right combination of Term and Permanent insurance is your best bet, but make sure you get informed!


A stay-at-home spouse’s impact on a home is extraordinary.   Too many LEO’s don’t realize that not only is it important to replace the income of a working spouse, but how important it is to correctly insure the life of a non-working spouse.  It is estimated that it takes over $100,000 per year to replace that person.  Don’t neglect to insure a stay-at-home spouse, nor undervalue the true cost of replacing their services.


Most people substantially underestimate the amount of life insurance needed, including LEO’s.  Considerations should be made for income replacement, debt and mortgage repayment, college expenses for children, and burial expenses.    Visit our life insurance calculator online at or call today to have a licensed professional recommend how much coverage your family needs.


Many Police Officers, Deputy Sheriffs, Highway Patrol, and Correctional Officers believe that life insurance may be too expensive.  But think about what it means to truly insure a human life, and what that Officer provides for their family.  The fact is, as people live longer, life insurance rates continue to decrease and are at historic lows.  Life insurance can be customized to fit nearly any budget.  Talk to a licensed professional who will find out exactly what your needs are, and find the most affordable way to provide the coverage your family must have.

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