A Testimonial By Jamie Coleman
Wife of Fallen CHP Officer, Tom Coleman

“I love that you have dedicated your site specifically to law enforcement (even though you do serve others as well). They all have this attitude that "It won't be me. I will come home, the perp will not." Tom had this attitude as well. He never thought about cross-traffic as being the enemy, neither did I…after all, he worked the freeways.

The night before he was killed, I was still upset over the gross negligence of the driver who hit CHP officer Ortiz the day before. Phil didn't do anything wrong and he was lying in a coma. That scared the shit out of me. Tom tried to reassure me..."Honey, don't worry; I'm invincible." That was the last thing I remember Tom saying to me.

I didn't wake up the morning he left for work (he always kissed me good-bye, but I didn't always wake up when he did), so I didn't get the chance to say goodbye myself.

All they tell you is that if your spouse dies in the line of duty, you will be taken care of. Yes, they do take care of you. However, if you depend on two incomes, you will still need the second. That is impossible when you have little ones. I have a very hard time being away from them now.

I have a whole new perspective on life and it's not one I'd wish on anyone. Having life insurance has afforded me the opportunity to stay home with Ryan and Shaylen and not have to worry about finances. Thank God my father had the foresight to insist we get it when we got married and then to increase the coverage when we had kids. We were in our late twenties and didn't think we needed it. Boy, were we wrong. So many officers who lose their lives don't do so on duty. I cannot even imagine how those surviving spouses and children have to live without their loved one and with severe financial distress due to the complete loss of income.

Keep it up; your mission is important!”

- Jamie Coleman

Jamie, thank you for your heartfelt words of advice and encouragement. Our hope is that other Law Enforcement Officers will read and heed your advice. Though Tom is gone, his love for you, Ryan and Shaylen will live forever in your hearts and minds and through the gift of love he left behind… the gift of life insurance.

Jamie, you too live your life as a hero…your example to others is admirable and appreciated…stay strong.

- Mike Miscione, Founder

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Wife of Fallen CHP Officer, Tom Coleman? Let us know and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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