Return of Premium Term Life Insurance

Don't just plan for tomorrow . . . protect it with return of premium term life insurance!

Also known as ROP, this type of term life insurance ensures your loved ones a death benefit if you are taken from them but it will return the amount you paid in premiums if you're not. So, you collect whether you live or die.1

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ROP offers these benefits:

  • Solid coverage for the term you select (15, 20, 30, even 35 years! 2)
  • A fixed monthly premium that does not change during the selected period, even as you get older or if your health declines.
  • Full benefits to your loved ones if you should die.
  • Can return an amount equal to the premiums you paid when the level premium period ends, if you are still living and you've kept the policy in force.

Whatever your goal, Return of premium (ROP) term life insurance offers you the best of both worlds - your loved ones will receive the full death benefit if something were to happen to you AND it can return the amount you paid in premiums if you live until the end of the level premium period and you've kepy your policy in force.

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1Return of premium is paid at the end of the level premium period and excludes substandard and rider charges. The premium returned does not take into account time value of money. ²Policies not available in all states. Please contact Law Enforcement Life (855-453-5433) for complete details.

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