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My name is Gerry Garcia, also known as Officer G. Garcia. I have been a police officer for the past 14 years. Throughout my career I have made thousands of traffic stops and have taken hundreds of reports with many of them resulting in arrests.

As members of Law Enforcement, we all know that you are either respected or hated out there which adds to the rollercoaster of emotions and varying stress levels we experience each day. In all my years on the job, I have seen some pretty crazy things officers do to relieve stress. For me, I found drawing about some of the incidents I was involved and those of my comrades a big stress reliever.

At first, some of the officers took the cartoons a bit too personally, but eventually, they all began to embrace them and in fact, they would look forward to the next one. Many of the Officers would offer up story ideas and incidents they had been made aware of which I could cartoon about. Finally, the cartoons served as an ideal training tool and created many talking points for training days. Although the stories are of actual events, I added a little of my own interpretation, a little twist here and there to make them just a bit funnier.

In addition to the real life stories, I have developed several characters of my own, comic cops involved in the daily job of Law Enforcement and the related situations that go along with the job and what is better than to share these daily occurrences with other Police Officers and their families throughout the country.

So sit back, relax and come join in the fun as the officer’s vof the SEMAMON HIGHWAY PATROL work at keeping our freeways safe, secure and…interesting!

Listen up for Roll-Call:
Officer B. Shag, ID#1029 - Officer L. Bubba Doughnut, ID#0111 - Officer G. Big Kahuna, ID#1003
Officer I. Baldy, ID# 1010 - Officer J. Rotorhead, ID#0629 - Sergeant Sargento A. Paco, ID#0412
Officer D. Boot, ID#1220

Steer In The Road

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Backwards Patrol Car

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All Clear..I think

Where's My Vest

Short Man Complex

You want some of this

Has anyone seen my keys

Grafitti Cop

Here doggie doggie

Sister sister

Excuses Excuses

What the...

Sam Air Unit 0629

Tackle for Donuts


Is This Thing On?

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